Upcoming Projects

A couple friends and I are planning on making our first videos together for my learning website. I’ve gone through what the premise is of the tailoring tutorials campaign and they’re both fully on board! This is really exciting. For once in a long time I don’t feel alone in this. This week we’re going to get a whiteboard going to work on some storyboards. The project we’re going to work on is a suit. We’re going to go through the initial consultation all the way to the finishing stitches.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the website I had is no longer up. I wasn’t using it enough to justify renewing my web hosting subscription right now. This is a good time to reconnoiter and figure out the direction I want to take with the site, so for now this free blog will be just fine. My previous blog entries, for the most part, are backed up and at some point once the new site is up I’ll look into porting them.

That means my Patreon page is also in need of some revamping since most of the images were linked from my web host, so I’ll figure that one out. In the meantime I’ve simplified it, and I need to get back in touch with my backers. It’s been a long long time since they’ve heard from me, but I’ve just been hesitant to make an update without anything going on again and again.

I’m also going through my folder dedicated to everything tailoring and reorganizing that. If it were a bookshelf there would be dust bunnies all over the files—it’s been that long since I’ve really touched them. I also have a slew of half-finished projects that are either so out of date now that I wonder if I should even continue them, or if I do, who would they even be for?

My Etsy store is what I’ve been paying most attention to. I recently reactivated the store from Vacation Mode and almost instantly I started getting a few inquiries. The store, I feel, is more appropriate for items other than actual custom-made clothing. Etsy is just not equipped heavily enough to have listings for full bespoke orders. What’s really needed is a site that allows for full consultations and online ordering of commission crafts and art. But until then it seems to work best for simpler things like my pressing bucks and tailoring tools. I’ve been playing with the notion of making bespoke leather thimbles. Very simple to make, but they need to be perfected more before I go about charging for them.

Not sure what else to say. More to come, I guess!


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